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Expand and improve your Spanish at ease in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.
Spanish classes for adults.

What we do during a typical Beginners class

All classes (meetings) are different.

However, normally during a Beginners Spanish class we:

exchange some greetings
talk about our weekend
ask some general questions
review the homework
try something new
  • we read some examples
  • we figure out the grammar (the rules)
  • we try some exercises
  • we use the new material in a real context
  • We also:
    practice reading
    practice pronunciation
    learn new vocabulary
    ask more questions
  • we use the new vocabulary in a real context
  • we integrate vocabulary and grammar
  • we say something meaningful to us
  • we make mistakes
  • we laugh
  • we figure out problems
  • then we sing again
    ...increasingly mostly in Spanish.

    • This is how you can keep learning Spanish...
    and these are the courses I'm offering this term.

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    Spanish Class Minnesota
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