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Expand and improve your Spanish at ease in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.
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What Will I learn

Reach Intermediate Level of Proficiency in Spanish

After 4 to 6 seasons, most students at Spanish Class Minnesota reach the Intermediate level of proficiency (as defined by the American Council of Teachers of Foreign Languages ( ACTFL).

At the Intermediate level you will be able to:

  • Talk about yourself, your friends and family members: tell what you or your friends do for a living.
  • Tell what you did last week, last year, last Summer, anytime in the past.
  • Tell how you are feeling and why.
  • Order your meal at a Spanish restaurant.
  • Register at your hotel.
  • Tell your taxi driver where you want to go... and so on.

  • Read menus, schedules, timetables, maps, and signs.
  • Read simple texts dealing with basic personal and social needs about which you have personal interest and/or knowledge.
  • Understand main ideas and information from texts featuring description and narration.

  • Write names, numbers, dates, nationality, and other simple autobiographical information, as well as some short phrases and simple lists.
  • Write short, simple letters.
  • Write short texts about personal preferences, daily routine, everyday events, and other topics grounded in your personal experience.

  • Ask and answer questions and participate in simple conversations.

Learn more about the ACTFL proficiency guidelines.

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