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Learn, expand and improve your Spanish at ease in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.
Spanish classes for adults.
ZOOM: Remote (zoom) Classes only.


What's my level of Barking, I mean Spanish?
barkins as a second language     Cartoon courtesy of Dave Coverly.

With patience and practice you can reach a quite high level of proficiency.
Just keep working...

  • Audio: Short audio clips from the lessons
  • Readings: Short readings taken from the booklets

The following lists will eventually take you to other websites... Have a safe navigation.

  • YouTube: A short list with my suggested YouTube videos from the world of the Spanish Language
  • Vimeo: A short list with my suggested Vimeo videos from the world of the Spanish Language
  • News: A list of newspapers from Spain and Latin America (in Spanish)
  • Language: A list of diverse interesting, amusing, provocative articles about language (in English)


All the Spanish you need, for business, for traveling or just for fun.
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Spanish Class Minnesota
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Spanish Class Minnesota in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul) since 2003.