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Expand and improve your Spanish at ease in Minneapolis - Saint Paul.
Spanish classes for adults.

First Fall Season, Starts on Tuesday August 24th.

 La Alhambra
I keep coming back, because I've made good friends in our small class, and we have a lot of fun. Oh, and my Spanish has improved a lot.
David Handy
At Spanish Class Minnesota, in Minneapolis - Saint Paul, I offer advanced Spanish courses in small groups of up to six students. Each seven-week term we meet for two hours once a week and use our Spanish.

Check the classes I'm offering this First Fall, 2021.

Expand your Spanish.
Beyond the basics. If you wish to focus on some grammar review, but mainly on vocabulary acquisition and strengthening your speaking and reading skills, take one (or more) of the many Advanced classes you may choose from. While still paying attention to grammar, we focus on guided readings and conversations about the life of artists, politicians or writers; issues of history, culture or politics: feminism, immigration, traveling, love, war, music, social conflicts, health, retirement... and much more.

Improve your Spanish.
If you already know enough Spanish, come and further develop your speaking, listening and reading skills at the Tertulia.

Aprende y conversa sobre historia y cultura latinoamericana y española
• Ofrezco un gran número de temas en nuestras Tertulias (grupos de conversación).
• Recientemente hemos hablado sobre asuntos de memoria histórica (en España y en América Latina) y olvido, hemos hecho recorridos virtuales por las pampas argentinas, por las montañas de los Andes... por los países del Pacífico, por las diversas comunidades españolas; hemos escuchado tango y jazz afrocubano y hablado sobre sus historias; hemos visto y comentado montones de películas españolas e hispanoamericanas; hemos leído, disfrutado y comentado numerosos cuentos cortos.
• Con cinco o seis Tertulias diferentes cada temporada, siempre ofrezco variados tópicos nuevos en rotación.
• ¿Gramática? También sí: Aprenderás —usándola— gramática nueva y vocabulario en cada reunión de la Tertulia.

Learn Spanish at ease.
I make my classes fun. I introduce music, films, stories, poems, and songs to make your experience of speaking, reading, and even singing in Spanish enjoyable. Beyond approaches and technologies, at Spanish Class Minnesota you will learn your Spanish mainly by using it ... starting from day one.

All timely and original materials to talk about real issues of today are included in your fee.

My experience and background.
I hold a Ph.D. in Spanish and I had 25 years of experience teaching Spanish at the College level before starting Spanish Class Minnesota in 2003. I was born and raised in a Spanish speaking country and I have a deep knowledge of the diversity of Spanish and Latino cultures and societies.

New: Una canción gallega

Already know Spanish? Practique su español: Venga a la Tertulia, la clase de conversación.

Invest in a language and enjoy a whole new world: Spanish culinaria.

Spanish Classes in the Hamline-Midway area, Saint Paul.
Learn Spanish and have fun.
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Spanish Class Minnesota
Learn Spanish at ease.
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Spanish Class Minnesota in the Twin Cities (Minneapolis-Saint Paul) since 2003.